What is keeping you from living the life you want to live?

Through her unique discovery process, Jo Lena utilizes practical questions and simple, straightforward exercises to help you determine the “real” answer to this question. She helps you reconnect with what matters most to you and refocus your time and energy so that you are able to live the life that you want to live with passion!

Mission: Me! Coaching Package…

Spend 90 minutes working through what’s currently happening in your life in order to Get Connected! with what you want to happen. Jo Lena will help you identify the areas that are producing stress, conflict, challenges or pressure and help you transform them by making realistic choices and focusing on priorities.  These One to One Coaching Sessions can happen over the phone and are completely confidential.

Reduce Stress & Conflict – Make Better Choices – Build Relationships – Get Connected to your Day to Day Experiences & Current Situations, Life Purpose, and Your Resources!

Choose Any One of these Areas in the 5 Main Areas of Life and FOCUS…Finances, Health, Relationships, Work/Career, and Spirituality/Community

The Mission: Me! Special Package Includes:

  • 90 Minute Discovery & Experience Session
  • Transforming Conflict into Understanding DVD, part of the Essential Communication Series from Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management
  • 60 Minute Completion and Action Session

* Includes (2) phone conversations, written summary of your goals and action plan with steps to achieving them, and a signed, DVD featuring over 90 minutes of answers, tips and actionable steps which will help you have better relationships- with yourself and others!

Once scheduled, YOUR Mission will begin and complete within 30 days.


The Pro package is typically offered at $347.  For a limited time, these packages are offered at the following special rates:

Pro Package Price: ONLY $197

(Professionals, Business Owners and Graduates) Get Connected with what’s working and what’s not working. We can and will correct the course together with a $150 Savings!

Student Package Price: ONLY $147

(Must be at least 18 years old, enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school). Get Connected and Start on Track with a $200 Savings!

Jo Lena Johnson is International Trainer & Speaker, Publisher, Author and TV Show Host Providing Essential Leadership, Communication and Relationship Building Skills for Today’s World

Jo Lena Johnson, is a dynamic and exuberant facilitator, trainer and speaker who uses words and messages that change people’s lives. From teenagers to senior citizens, and everyone in between, she is uplifting the lives of thousands of people who have heard her message. Jo Lena uses impactful words, words that embrace her audience and she gives them the choices to change, the action to keep the changes permanent and the hope that her audience has been looking for and is so deserving of. Jo Lena helps you get real with who you are and who you want to be. You can either spend a life time wishing you had a great life or learn NOW how to have a great life. It’s your choice! www.jolenajohnson.com


Ms. Johnson’s book titles include: “If You Really Want to Be Successful, Get Connected! Wisdom, Insights and Strategies from Entrepreneurial Women”; “If You Really Want to Live, Be Extraordinary! A 21st Century Guide to Practicing Christian Living; “A Light is Born! 7 Ways to Show Your Brilliance.” These books along with others by Dentists, Professionals and Students have been published by Mission Possible Press, a division of Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management, which Ms. Johnson founded in 1998. www.absolutegoodbooks.com.

Jo Lena Johnson is also the host of a weekly show titled, “It’s Your Choice TV! With Jo Lena Johnson.” Viewers get real advice, real responses and most of all, heartfelt ideas to improve and create the extraordinary in every aspect of life. Airs live on www.iWatchRadio.com, Tuesdays from 8pm-7pm CST.