About Jo Lena Johnson

Jo Lena Johnson, International Speaker, Trainer, Publisher, Author and Leadership Performance Specialist, provides Training, Facilitation, Coaching, Executive Coaching, Keynote Speeches and is also available as a Conference Speaker, for Book Signings, Seminars, Banquets and Retreats in the Corporate Arena, Non-Profits and Youth Organizations and Groups. Jo Lena Johnson, providing essential leadership, communication & relationship building skills for today’s world will assist you and your organization in your success.

The “Mission Possible Communication Series” – The Signature Series with Jo Lena Johnson

Features 3 to 5 interactive training sessions spread out over a day, a week, or a month. Jo Lena shows people how to reduce stress & conflict, gain understanding & respect, increase harmony & health, and create better relationships. The series is customized to fit the needs of the particular group – including middle & high schoolers, college students, adults and members of the professional community/corporate America.