Leadership Trainer Jo Lena Johnson Returns Home To Help St. Louis Keep Talented Workforce
Johnson offers her leadership workshops to organizations looking to create a loyal workforce

Sept. 24, 2010: ST. LOUIS, MO – Though most employees are generally satisfied with their current job, one in three will likely
seek employment elsewhere this year as the economy improves, according a 2010 report from the Society for Human
Resource Management. World renowned leadership trainer Jo Lena Johnson has returned to her native St. Louis to help its
businesses and organizations keep their talented workforce.

“St. Louis businesses can’t afford to lose the talent they worked hard to obtain over the years,” said Jo Lena Johnson, author,
speaker and managing partner of Absolute Good Training and Life Skills Management. “As the economy improves, employers
need to pay attention to all aspects of employee satisfaction.”

Wrapping up summer appearances across the country and gearing up for fall events, Johnson announced her availability to
offer organizations her workshops, training sessions and keynote addresses to help St. Louis companies increase
effectiveness and become measurably more vital with a strong workforce.

With more than 10 years of experience in training and development, Johnson has addressed thousands of businesses and
organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on the topics of crucial conversations, personal and
professional development, leadership training and teambuilding. Her seminars provide substantial tools, tips and techniques
to bring forth leadership skills in everyone.

“In today’s businesses and organizations, the need to understand, cooperate and successfully co-exist are vital to their ability
to create measurable and quantifiable results,” she said. “I teach people to get along with others by learning how to get along
with themselves.”

Johnson’s life mission to inspire leadership and success in others drove her to author a book series entitled, “If You Really
Want to Live, Be Extraordinary” and “If You Really Want to be Successful, Get Connected.”  She also authored a collection of
youth leadership titles, including “A Light is Born: 7 Ways to Show Your Brilliance” and “U.R. Absolute Good: Life Tools for the
Young and the Young at Heart.” Each book details living life to the fullest, both professionally and personally. The books are
available for purchase online and are used as reference materials for her presentations.

“My goal is to improve not only businesses, but communities with practical techniques to create understanding and manage
conflict through better communication,” she said.

About Jo Lena Johnson
Jo Lena Johnson is a speaker, author, trainer and managing partner of Absolute Good, a training and management company
that focuses on reconnecting organizations through enhanced communication, teambuilding and overall life skills
enhancement on an individual level. Specializing in organizational development and leadership strategies, Johnson is a skilled
presenter with extensive experience teaching crucial skills to clients from diverse levels and backgrounds. Johnson has left
her mark on several global companies, including Franklin Covey and Starbucks Coffee Company, with well over 65,000
individuals in her seminars. For more information or to schedule leadership seminars, book signings, or community events
contact Jo Lena Johnson at 240.644.2500, or visit