Hi! This is my page to speak with you directly… I founded Absolute Good Marketing, Promotion, Events in 1998 and wanted to make more of a difference; I then created the “Training & Life Skills” Division of Absolute Good in order to help people with their communication struggles – you see, my mouth has gotten me “into trouble” many times in my life!

The reason? I’m passionate, I care about people, and I don’t like to see anyone in pain or struggling – especially when they don’t have to.  I believe that with instruction, guidance, sound wisdom and faith in God, each person can have whatever it is that they Really want – with creativity, persistence and access.

My Latest endeavor, Mission Possible Press, is born out of a desire to give people who are already producing “good works” access to more resources, support and people whom we may serve. Through writing and publishing practical books
for today’s world, I am able to share some of the many views and opinions that I have – while supporting anyone who is willing to consider…

I created Mission Possible Press, because I Really want people to have tools, resources, information, support and wisdom to
make good decisions and live extraordinary! I help people share their message. If you are ready to stand in your purpose and to get practical help either in speaking, writing, communicating or in having your book published – contact me – I’ll design a package that will help you do just that.  An investment in your life is an investment for Good in the Universe!